Chapter 210
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The Minutes For the 2006 Annual Meeting


The Chapter 210 Annual Meeting was held at 11:00 AM Saturday August 12th, at
Valentino's Restaurant 132nd and West Center Road.  There were 22 individuals in attendance.
Chapter President Bob Conley, WØLYU, and Vice President Don Perazzo, WØYQY, opened the meeting and there was discussion on the VHF and HF Nets.  Net controls for the 2 Meter Tuesday Night Net have been assigned.
The Saturday morning HF Net will not be activated this year, due to a lack of activity and a show of hands
confirming people are not interested.
The monthly luncheons will contine to be at 11:00 AM on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Old Country Buffett,
located at 76th and Dodge Streets in Omaha.
This November is election of officers for Chapter 210.  We will be looking for candidates for the office of President and VicePresident.  Please consider serving the Chapter as an officer. Dick Newsome, WØHXL,
will run for Secretary/Treasurer in the November election.
The following members received awards at the annual meeting:
     Carl Johnson   WØGAJ   50 years and 55 years
     Jim  Newland   KØEMC   50 years
We have $885.75 in the Chapter Treasury.
On Tuesday September 5th, we will resume the 2 Meter Chapter 210 QCWA Net, using the chapter call sign WØOMA.
The time will be 1900 local (7:00 PM) on the 147.36+ repeater.
We will meet every Tuesday evening and thank Doug KØBOY, for providing the repeater.
Thursday August 24th is the monthly luncheon -- 11:00 AM at the Old Country Buffett in Omaha. Please join us for an excellent time.
      Respectfully submitted,
             Dick Newsome WØHXL
               Chapter 210